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Homecoming to Doon


By Alok Joshi     

Few months of my homecoming to Doon

May seem a bit too soon

To sense the change in the city

Where I had lived

Over three decades back.

But when I ponder

It makes me wonder

Should I feel bad

Just accept and not be sad!


The landscape has changed…

More houses, less homes

More roads, less trees

More cars, less bicycles

More blaring horns, less silence.


People too have changed…

More “I, Me, Myself”

More phone calls, less personal meets

More connections, less relationships

More convenience, less happiness

The young struggle for more money

The old are lonely as they rest

Waiting endlessly in vacant houses

For their children to return to their nest.


I hung up my boots

To return to my roots

Hoping to be near

My old friends and relatives dear

But some are too old

Others are too cold.

Yet a handful of people

Showered their kindness

And came to my rescue

Good people, whom I never knew.


Life must go on, I too must move on

Without complaints and grudges

Be happy with what and who I have

There is no reason to despair

At least I can breathe fresh air

Which has become rare

Focus on all that is good

There is buzz and life everywhere

And I can choose to be happy

Without being a multimillionaire.


(ALOK JOSHI, a Gold Medalist in English Literature and Linguistics and an MBA from Europe has vast management experience across countries. He is a freelance writer, editor and author of “12 Sweet and Sour Years in China- True stories of an Indian and the recently published novel “Three and a half Sweethearts”)