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Jackie Shroff: Am known as Tiger’s father, which makes me feel proud


Veteran actor Jackie Shroff says being known as new-age Bollywood star Tiger Shroff’s father makes him feel really proud.
“I am so proud of him. In fact, he has inspired me to keep myself as healthy as possible and he inspires a lot of children to keep their health strong. I am so happy, God has been really kind and people who love him have been so kind. I’ve got a boost in my life and career also. I am known as Tiger’s father, which makes me feel really proud of him,” Jackie Shroff told IANS.
“I am stating a fact, dear. I’m actually called Tiger Shroff ka pappa by kids. He has a lot of tiny fans who recognise me that way,” the actor said with a hearty laughter.
Jackie will soon be seen in the sci-fi comedy web series “OK Computer”. Talking about his character in the Disney+ Hotstar series, he said: “My character is someone who believes in nature and has given up his clothes. He just wants green cover around him, as many trees as possible. He doesn’t like robots and is against them. He just wants to go back to nature.”
Quizzed about the interference of technology in our day to day lives, the actor replied: “Looking into each other’s eyes have gone. We are most of the times looking down at our laptops. All information is so easily available. People have forgotten to do basic counting like two into two, and depend on calculators and computers. But then, definitely technology has made us reach Mars at minimal cost.”
“I feel, we should go to Mars but we have to make sure that drinking water does not disappear from earth so that we have to go around looking for that in the Moon or Mars,” he added.
With OTT platforms gaining popularity with each passing day, can the digital platform replace cinema halls in the future? “It (OTT) has changed the way people watch programs. There are people who definitely sit and watch for 8 hours non-stop! But today if a street play is happening, I’ll find 50-100 people standing and watching it. So from street play to OTT, entertainment will grip viewers. There will be audience for all kinds of entertainment, be it street play, OTT or morning shows at halls and regional films,” said Jackie.