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Karan Mahara demands resignation of  Horticulture Minister over horticulture scam


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 15 Jun: Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) President Karan Mahara, today reacted to the scam related to the state horticulture department and claimed that the department gave work to a company which did not exist till 2022. He said that the company was given a license to supply planting material by the Horticulture Department without checking its profile. This, he claimed is not possible without the connivance of political leaders and high level officials. Mahara claimed that in case the court had not ordered a CBI inquiry, this inquiry would also have been shelved. He said that this scheme was started to promote and encourage horticulture on the lines of Himachal Pradesh. But despite not meeting the standards, the license for supply of plants was given to this company which supplied plants at prices much higher than the market price. Mahara also demanded resignation of Horticulture Minister on moral grounds by accepting moral responsibility of the scam.

He said that by filing a case against 18 officers and employees by the CBI, it has become clear that the whole thing is fishy. He said that the Congress was constantly accusing the government of scams but the government would not even look into it. The government was trying to save the corrupt officials but the way CBI has filed a case against 18 officials and employees, it is clear that this scam has happened due to collusion between the leaders and the officials. He said that some white collar leaders are also involved in the scam, they should also be thoroughly investigated and they should also be prosecuted so that the truth can come out.

Mahara said that in the BJP government, the department, ministry and the minister himself are completely involved in corruption and the state government is continuously protecting the scamsters. He said that if the court had not ordered an investigation into the horticulture scam, the government would have done an SIT investigation and ended the matter. He said that the horticulture minister should resign on the grounds of morality.