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Kathak dancers mesmerise audience with ‘Shringar Shiva’


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 19 Apr: Breathing Arts by Anurag Chauhan and Usha RK, former Cultural Director of the Embassy of India in Moscow, organised an enchanting evening in honour of Lord Shiva at Summer Valley School, here, today. The programme, titled ‘Shringar Shiva’, was presented by renowned Kathak dancer Pt Abhimanyu Lal and his disciple Varsha Dasgupta. The performance paid tribute to the divine qualities and magnificence of the Cosmic Deity.
The programme commenced with ‘Shiva-Anant’, a composition in the dhrupad style of singing, in which the dancers glorified the attributes of Lord Shiva through their graceful movements. The choreography built up from a heavy base to a filling crescendo, portraying Lord Shiva’s damru, matted locks, and the River Ganga flowing out of his hair locks.
Pt Abhimanyu Lal is a renowned Indian classical Kathak dancer who has made significant contributions to the art form. Known for his technical excellence, innovative choreography and dynamic performances, Pt Abhimanyu has performed at numerous national and international festivals, including the Khajuraho Dance Festival, the International Dance Festival in Thailand, and the International Festival of Sacred Arts in Madrid.
The second composition, ‘Devi Stuti’, portrayed Devi in her purest form, offering herself through flowers and purity. The choreography spoke of her aura and how even the lords of the universe looked up to her.
The evening progressed with ‘Shuddha Nritya’, showcasing Kathak’s finest technical nuances in ‘teentaal’. Abhimanyu Lal’s lightening speed footwork, breathless spins, and grandeur of hand gestures left the audience spellbound.
The final act of the evening, ‘Ardhanareshwar’, portrayed the beautiful infusion of two powers and compatibility, as Shiva and Parvati became one. The choreography was a perfect blend of grace and strength, leaving the audience in awe.
The event was a testament to the dancers’ skill and dedication, and their Guru Geetanjali Lal’s exceptional choreography and composition.

Pt Abhimanyu Lal has received several prestigious awards and honors for his contribution to Kathak the National Nritya Shiromani Award in 2014 amongst others.
The programme also witnessed an exhibition on ‘Shiva Rasa’ or the expressions of Shiva by the talented artist Monica Gera.