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Koodiyattam Maestro Guru Ammannur Madhava Chakra Kapila Venu performs at Raja Rammohan Roy Academy

By Our Staff Reporter
DEHRADUN, 6 May: Raja Rammohan Roy Academy hosted a mesmerising and enthralling cultural programme, presented by  The Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth (SPIC MACAY), a non-profit organisation promoting Indian classical music and culture among youth. A performance for the pupils was given by the well-known Koodiyattam performer and student of the Koodiyattam Maestro Guru Ammannur Madhava Chakra Kapila Venu, on the traditional Koodiyattam dance style, as a part of their ongoing efforts to promote and preserve India’s rich cultural heritage.
Koodiyattam is one of the oldest existing theatre forms in the world, originating from Kerala, India. It is known for its elaborate costumes, makeup, and intricate gestures and expressions. However, due to its complexity and the challenges of passing on its knowledge, it is at risk of fading away.
Dr Kiran Seth, recipient of the Padma Shri award, founded the renowned non-profit organisation SPIC MACAY in 1977 at IIT Delhi. The goal of this society is to encourage young people from different schools and colleges around the world to appreciate and value India’s rich cultural history.With the support of various stakeholders and partners, they continue to inspire the youth of the country to connect with their roots and take pride in their cultural heritage.
The concert began with the customary lamp lighting by the distinguished guest: The officiating principal: Bharti Vishnoi, the headmistress: Anju Bhalla and Koodiyattam practitioner Kapila Venu and  the artists.
By providing an insightful performance, Kapila Venu gave a captivating performance and introduced the audience to the nuances of this ancient art form. The artist’s graceful movements and expressions conveyed a story of love, devotion, and sacrifice, leaving the audience awestruck. Students were amazed at the artist’s intricate footwork and hand gestures and were encouraged to try some of the moves themselves.
Her performance utilised the exceptional talents of her team of musicians and accompanists, which included Padiparambil Rajeev, Padinjare Parangodath, Unnikrishnan, and Alikkal Narayana Guptan Hariharan, to enhance the dance expressions that expressed abstract ideas of joy, beauty and expressions. The audience was transfixed by the intensity they radiated.
The artist’s skillful playing and melodious notes transported the audience to a world of serenity and tranquility. Students were spellbound and applauded enthusiastically after each piece.
The event concluded with a vote of thanks by officiating principal, Vishnoi, who expressed gratitude to SPIC MACAY for providing the school with an opportunity to experience the richness and diversity of Indian classical music and dance.
At Raja Rammohan Roy Academy, we believe in providing a holistic education that goes beyond textbooks and academics. The SPIC MACAY programme was a wonderful learning experience for our students and helped them appreciate the beauty and intricacy of our cultural heritage.