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By Dr Nitin Pandey

DEHRADUN, 3 Aug: On the Coronavirus front, Sunday was a good day for India, with signs that the rising cases are beginning to plateau off in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, and the tapering of cases in Delhi continuing. The number of active cases declined in Maharashtra by 677 and in Delhi by 240, while the increase in TN was just 260 cases. This was, however, compensated by rises in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, UP and West Bengal. Nationwide the number of active cases rose by 11,627, with 52,972 new cases and 40,574 recoveries; 758 people lost their lives across India on Sunday. Since January, there have been roughly 18 lakh cases in India out of which 12 lakhs have healed, so the number of active cases today is just 6 lakhs.
In Uttarakhand on Sunday, there were 207 new cases and 101 patients recovered, so again increase in total number of active cases was just 106. Of the 207 cases, only 61 cases had no positive history, so the local spread in Sunday was down to 34%. A vast majority of cases in Uttarakhand continue to be among those returning to the State or their primary contacts. Since January, in our State, there have been 7800 people who tested positive out of which 4538 have recovered and 90 have died. Presently our recovery rate is 58.18 %, slightly less than the National recovery rate of 64.5%. Doubling Rate in Uttarakhand is 30.38 days, much more than the National average of 21 days. Doubling Rate of Delhi is 50 days.