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Latest position on OROP taken up at Dehradun Ex-Servicemen’s meet


DEHRADUN, 4 Feb: A meeting was held at the Gorkhali Sudhar Sabha on Sunday which was attended by a large number of Ex-Servicemen and Veer Narees. Maj Gen Satbir Singh, Chairman, Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM), briefed all present about the latest facts and figures on OROP and how the matter had been taken up in various courts vis a vis the agitation underway at Jantar Mantar. He asked for support and took assurance from all that they would not vote in the coming Lok Sabha elections until the OROP issue was resolved.
He asserted that he would not join any Political Party till the issue was resolved and would continue his agitation at Jantar Mantar. Many members asked questions regarding issues which according to them were equally important as they were facing those more frequently and wanted him to take up other issues, as well, like non-availability of ECHS medicines, limiting canteen facilities and allied matters. He said that those issues were being taken up at different levels.
Those who asked questions included Colonels Kala, BM Thapa, Jairath, Maan, Gambhir, etc. The point was also raised about problems being faced by Gorkhas by H/Capt Limbu in Dehradun, where they are more in number and especially where they are being denied facilities due to their non-recognition as their home addresses given are of Nepal. He agreed to take up the issue if a complete note giving full details was sent to him. Brig KG Behl argued that the issue of OROP was not being taken up seriously as it is being treated as one of the anomalies. Government ought to be told in no uncertain words that the anomalies pointed out in OROP were of different types and had to be resolved immediately. Sudesh discussed problems being faced by Veer Narees and spoke about the difficulties which needed to be resolved. Maj Gen Laljee, President of Dehradun Chapter, conducted the meeting and asked for more cooperation and funds to continue the struggle, according to Lt Col BM Thapa (Retd), Senior Vice President, DESL.