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Monsoon session of State Assembly likely to be held in Gairsain from 5 Aug

By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 9 Jul: Preparations have begun for the monsoon session of the Uttarakhand Assembly which is likely to be held in Gairsain. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prem Chand Agarwal, while talking to the media in this regard, said that the monsoon session will be held in Gairsain, adding that the monsoon session has not been held in its capital Gairsain for a long time. Therefore, this time, it is being considered that the upcoming monsoon session be held in the summer capital Gairsain from the first week of August.
Aggarwal said that he is discussing with the Chief Minister regarding the assembly session and a final decision will be taken in the cabinet regarding holding the assembly session in Gairsain. It is expected that this assembly session will be held in Gairsain from 5 August. It may be recalled that Gairsain has remained a live issue in the discussion for the permanent capital of the state in view of the central location of the town as it is equidistance from Garhwal as well as Kumaon despite huge impracticality of the proposal. Since the formation of the state Dehradun continues to be the interim capital of the state. However, the then Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat during an assembly session held in the year 2020 had declared Gairsain as the summer capital of the state. It was also decided to hold summer sessions of the state assembly in Gairsain every year, something that has not happened. In fact, a few times, even after declaration that the assembly session will be held in Gairsain, the session was not held there. It will be after a gap of few years that an assembly session will be held in Gairsain if at all a final decision is taken in this respect. It has been almost six months since the last assembly session was held and the last sitting was declared as special session to pass the UCC Act but was later merged into the previous session since the previous session was not prorogued. It is mandatory to hold at least once session between the period of six months as per the constitutional provisions. Between the two session, there should not be gap of six or more months otherwise the assembly ceases to exist.
Last time when the assembly constituency was going to be in Gairsain, the MLAs urged the speaker and the government to hold the assembly session in Dehradun on the pretext of cold prevailing in Gairsain. Due to which the session in Gairsain was postponed and it was held in Dehradun. However, later Congress accused the government of not holding the session in Gairsain despite the fact that there were several Congress MLAs too who had written letter to the government to hold the session in Dehradun.