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MoU signed between Quantum University & Cambridge University Press to ensure students’ employability



DEHRADUN, 23 Oct: Quantum University and Cambridge University Press have agreed to work together for the development of soft skills among the undergraduate students of Quantum University. The two institutions signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to begin the process. In this MoU, it is stated that trainers from Cambridge University Press along with faculty members of Quantum University would launch a comprehensive programme for developing all formats of communication skills and English language skills among undergraduate students of Quantum University. “After the completion of this credit program, an internationally recognised certification would be provided to Q-mates, which would immensely benefit them, both academically and in terms of setting them apart during their placements,” said Vice- Chancellor Prof Vivek Kumar. “The memorandum will promote sustainable relationships between the two institutions, in addition to paving the pathway of sharing expertise on several other levels in future,” said Ajay Goyal, Chancellor of Quantum University. An Empower Training Workshop was also organised at Quantum University attended by Sujata Paul, the trainer from Cambridge University Press, and Ankit Kesarwani. The main objective was to encourage faculty members develop the right pedagogical tools for the teaching-learning process and discuss the implementation strategy for soft skill development programme. Trainers of Cambridge University Press implemented focused on enhancing the skill set of the faculty members of Quantum University, where they were exposed to cutting- edge pedagogical methods. In the second phase of this workshop, a discussion among the trainers of Cambridge University Press and faculty members of Quantum University took place on how to deliver the Comprehensive programme for soft development of students in the best possible manner. Sujata Paul drafted a resolution for a two-semester long soft skill development programme which would be conducted for the students shortly.