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‘ONGC: THE UNTOLD STORY’ is now available


DEHRADUN, 30 Nov: BLOOMSBURY has published ONGC: THE UNTOLD STORY written by veteran journalist-author Raj Kanwar. It will also be available on Amazon with delivery beginning 10 January 2019. Interested buyers can pre-order the book at the concessional price of Rs 299 instead of the Rs 399 that is its cover price.

Raj Kanwar is considered an authority on ONGC’s history. He has had the distinction of being the lead co-author for the first ever history of ONGC published under the title UPSTREAM INDIA in 2006 to synchronise with its Golden Jubilee.

His forthcoming book will be on Dehradun and is tentatively titled ‘DATELINE DEHRA DUN’. It is expected to be released sometime in February 2019.