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Pediatricians discuss modern treatment at ‘11th North Zone Pedicon-2022’


By Our Staff  Reporter 

Dehradun, 25 Sep: A National Conference was organised at SGRR Medical College jointly by Shri Guru Ram Rai University, Shri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Medical & Health Sciences and Dehradun branch of Indian Academy of Pediatrics. More than 1,000 doctors from 8 states of India reached Shri Guru Ram Rai Medical College to participate in the 11th North Zone Pedicon-2022.

On 24 September, at the auditorium of SGRRIMHS, the medical session was begun by National President of Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP)-2022 Dr Ramesh Kumar. He provided detailed information on the significance and effects of antibiotic drugs in cases of chest and breathing diseases. While citing the research assignments done at international levels, he advised minimisation of the use of antibiotics. He said that use of medicines by people (self-medication) is fatal. Many antibiotics had become useless, and doctors were left with a very limited choice of antibiotics.

The theme of this National Conference was ‘Pedia Dynamics & Kinetics’. Pediatricians from all over India shared figures, experiences and knowledge on prevention and treatment of pedia diseases. More than 400 Research Papers on themes related to diseases of children, their prevention and treatment from all over the world were also presented. The objective of this national conference was to dissipate knowledge on most modern treatment methods of children’s diseases and to exchange knowledge with one another for better treatment of children all over India.

National President of Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) -2021, Dr Piyush Gupta provided information on medical, scientific and practical aspects of nutrition of children and babies. He said that figures of malnutrition in many states of India are alarming.  Pediatricians play a key role in the overall development of children along with parents and governments of respective countries. All must make collective efforts for the better health of the children.

The evening session at Hotel LP Vilas was initiated by Cabinet Minister Women and Child Welfare Rekha Arya. While addressing the gathering, she said the role of doctors is extremely significant in providing correct direction to society. She extended thanks to all the doctors of North Zone of Indian Academy of Pediatrics who came to Dehradun to participate in this National Conference.

President of Uttarakhand unit of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Dr Rajiv Shrivastava welcomed and expressed gratitude to all the pediatricians who reached from all over India. President of Dehradun branch of IAP, Dr Sumit Vohra said it was a matter of pride for IAP Dehradun that this hi profile programme could be organised in Dehradun.

The Conference was organised under the guidance of Organising Chairperson Dr Harinder Singh, Honorary Secretary General Dr Vineet Saxena with the efforts of Organizing Secretary Dr Utkarsh Sharma, Dr Shruti Kumar, Dr Ashish Sethi, Dr Tanvi Khanna, Dr Ashank Aeran and all the members of Indian Academy of Pediatrics Uttarakhand Chapter and Dehradun branch.