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‘PRAMUKH’ supports MKP (PG) College become Green Campus



Dehradun, 20 Oct: Girl students of MKP (PG) College having taken the lead in making its vast campus an eco-responsible green college campus. PRAMUKH, a non-profit NGO, has joined hands to provide support and training in various areas of waste management essential to achieving this distinction.
Though situated in the middle of the city surrounded by concretised low and high rise buildings, MKP is proud to preserve its green lawns and a large number of trees. A botanical garden with many majestic trees spread over a large area adds to the natural beauty so rare to be seen in present times. The Management, Principal, Faculty, staff and the students have decided to transform their campus into a model green campus.
‘PRAMUKH’, as partner in this initiative, conducted an awareness talk on ‘Single-use-plastics, impact and waste management’. Paramjit Singh Kakkar, Secretary, held an hour long participative talk with over 100 girl students. For the sake of much needed clarity, students were shown various items physically falling under the category of single-use-plastics. Further on, the ill effects of plastics on humans, animals and the environment were highlighted. Contamination of food eaten or packed in plastic, pollution caused by burning of plastics and eco-responsible disposal plastics were discussed at length. As an ending note, Kakkar urged upon all students not only to stop use of single-use-plastics by themselves but spread the message to others to curb its use in the interest of the environment.
Other than the students, the principal, faculty, support staff like gardeners and cleaners were present at the session. PRAMUKH members Nitin Shah and Gurmehar Kaur were also present.