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PYDS celebrates 9th Annual Day



DEHRADUN, 19 Nov: Showcasing the great progress it has made in a short time, the Purkal Youth Development Society enthusiastically celebrated its 9th Annual Day on 16 and 17 November. District Magistrate C Ravishankar was the Chief Guest on 16 November and former DGP Aloke B Lal on 17 November. The entire PYDS family, including friends of the Society, came together to acknowledge the continuation of its successful journey during the year. Attributable to the unprecedented emphasis on providing quality holistic education by the Society, its students showcased, through a number of exhibitions, their creations ranging from practical solutions of the future to art and crafts. The Society primarily focuses on extending comprehensive and quality education among underprivileged children of Uttarakhand, especially girls. They are provided nutritious meals, uniforms, books, complete medical care and amenities comparable to some of the best schools in the city – all funded by generous donors and at no cost to the parents. The Society continues supporting its children beyond class 12 with their higher education or vocational studies so as to make them adequately employable. The evening commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp by Founder GK Swamy, Veera Khosla and Secretary Anoop Seth. The year’s activities and highlights were presented to the parents and guests by the Principal, Sanjala Wazir. A formal presentation of the Annual Report provided useful insights and cast a light on the PYDS Mission and efforts. In his interaction with the children, District Magistrate C Ravishankar delivered precious words of advice and praised them effusively. He commented, “It would not be an exaggeration if I state that this is the best institution that I’ve ever seen that has truly transformed many lives by giving them the best of opportunities.” Thereafter, exemplary students excitedly accepted the awards for their performances in academics and sports, participation in extra-curricular activities as well as display of superior character. As dusk transcended into night, the series of thematic performances took centre stage. Mustering a sense of gratitude in the audience, the PYDS Learning Academy exuded different shades of Bhakti through a dance drama, from Meera’s devotion to Krishna, Ganesha’s love for his mother and young Eklavya’s Gurudakshina. The two-day programme concluded with a speech by Aloke B Lal. He urged parents to give freedom to their children in choosing a career. He also appreciated various initiatives of the Institution, such as Navjeevan project, reducing the use of plastic in school, smart city model put up at the exhibition and using science education as a tool for solving real-world problems. Many luminaries graced the occasion as guests of honor, including generous donors who have contributed to building PYDS into what it is today.