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RLEK objects to Govt initiatives on forest communities


Dehradun, 10 Apr: Founder of Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra, Padma Shri awardee Avdhash Kaushal has alleged that the Government System is taking undue advantage of the democratic and constitutional provisions and rights by creating a strategic conspiracy to jeopardise human life. The governments have been unable to implement the “Forest Rights Act, 2006”, which is related to Scheduled Tribe and other traditional forest dwellers, due to the change in Forest Law and the neglect in implementation.
A few weeks ago, due to a feeble Government stand on the issue, the Supreme Court ordered the removal of millions of tribals from their land, he claims. Opposition from some forest rights organisations has resulted in a pending order. Under a reference made on 7 March, 2019, by the Ministry of Forests, Government of India, a new forest law, will replace the 1927 forest law. The proposal has been sent to all the forest heads of states and their comments and suggestions have been sought by 9 June.
Kaushal feels it is important to note that the code of conduct in the country is applicable and the people are preoccupied in electoral issues. Taking advantage of this, the government is taking a biased stand in its already ‘oppressive and objectionable sections’ of this Act, by seeking consent from the forest officials. The Chief Secretary and the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand should clear their stand on this.
Kaushal has demanded the Government quickly comply with the Forest Rights Act, 2006. Otherwise, it would have to face a legal battle, for the rights of the community, against the conspiracies of the government. It was decided after a meeting with the Van Gujjars that, if the Government does not implement the provisions of the FRA Act 2006, then together with the Van Gujjar community, there would be demonstrations and protests on roads and other places.