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Rotary Club holds Seminar on Articles 370 & 35 A



DEHRADUN, 19 Sep: Rotary Club Dehradun organised a seminar on “Abrogation of Article 370: The Constitutional Perspective” at the Doon Club, here. Dr Parul Dixit, Dean and Head of the Faculty of Law, DAV (PG) College, was the keynote speaker on the occasion. She was formally introduced to the audience by Dr AK Srivastava. Dr Dixit delivered a comprehensive and informative lecture on the subject. Initially, she discussed the historical and political background of introducing Article 370 in the constitution of India. Unlike the other 565 princely states, the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which was ruled by Maharaja Hari Singh, did not agree to merge his kingdom with India, initially. But, later, due to the aggression by Pakistan, he decided to sign the instrument of accession with India and also sought its help. Article 370 was added in the constitution after Jammu and Kashmir signed the instrument of accession, which was actually a link through which India could exercise its jurisdiction over Jammu and Kashmir on the matters of defence, external affairs and communication. For other matters, too, the Union of India had the power to make laws, only with the concurrence of the legislative assembly of Jammu and Kashmir. The parliament of India has not only framed laws for Jammu and Kashmir with respect to Defence, External Affairs and Communication, but also in various other matters which were not originally entrusted to the Union. The Preamble of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir also accepts it to be an integral part of India. Article 35 A, which was actually the state subject law of 1927 passed by Maharaja Hari Singh, was ensured to the people of Jammu and Kashmir by adding it into the constitution through the Constitution (Application to Jammu and Kashmir) order of 1956. This article 35A looked after the rights of the people of J&K relating to their Citizenship, Land ownership and Jobs. Since article 370 was temporary, hence it could be removed for proper administration of the territory of Jammu and Kashmir. About 15 students of the law department of DAV (PG) College also attended the lecture and found it very informative and useful Besides, the President Anup Kaul, Dr Arun Kumar, Dr SL Gupta, Dr Sushil Bansal, Tarun Agarwal, Arvind Oberoi, etc., were present at the seminar. Dr Sudesh Bansal awarded the certificate of participation to the students and a memento was presented to Dr Parul Dixit. Joginder Singh proposed the vote of thanks.