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Second day of International Conference held at Graphic Era


Grapes are not just for good taste but are also beneficial for cancer and heart diseases: Levenson

DEHRADUN, 15 Feb: Grapes are not just delicious in taste but also prepares human body to fight against cancer and heart diseases. This was addressed by Prof. Anait S. Levenson from Long Island University during the second day of international conference.
Prof. Levenson said that it has been found in various researches that the ‘stilbene’ compound found in Grapes and Blueberries is beneficial for human health. Apart from fulfilling the nutritional requirement of the body, both these fruits assist in fighting off heart and cancer related ailments and helps in boosting immunity. Prof. Levenson presented this information in her talk.
Dr Jeffery Adelberg, from Clemson University, USA addressed the students and told about the various benefits and nutritional value of turmeric and Echinacea. He further told that turmeric has a compound called curcumin, which has various health benefits like heart disease, Alzheimer, and cancer. Turmeric has anti inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties that helps in curing arthritis and relieves stress. Dr. Paola Rizzo, University of Ferrara, from Italy in her presentation listed the potential value of Berbaris in treating cancer. Dr. Paola also mentioned that berbaris is used to treat gastrointestinal diseases and cough.
On the second day of the three day International Conference organized by Graphic Era University in association with American Council for Medicinally Active Plants (ACMAP), USA on ‘Medicinal Aromatic and Neutraceutical Plants from Mountainous Areas’ the delegates from various countries had an open interactive session with the students. Dr Paola Rizzo of University of Ferrara, Italy, Dr Anait S Levenson of Long Island University, USA, Dr Jeffrey Adelberg of Clemson University, USA and Dr Fabricio Medina Bolivar of Arkansas State University, USA while interacting with the students today discussed about medicinal plants and research possibilities in foreign land.
Dr. Syed Farooq , President of Himalaya Drug India during his address said that trade makes a city, a city incubates university, a universities promote science, science promote businesses and businesses create new products.
Dr. Ravindra Chibber, from the university of Saskatchewan, Canada in his presentation talked about the benefits of desi grains like wheat, chickpea and rice and discussed about the various medicinal values.
Graphic Era Deemed University organized International Conference on ‘‘Medicinal Aromatic and Neutraceutical Plants from Mountainous Areas’’ where delegates, scientists and researchers from all over the world and informed about the various research, and technology in the field of medicinal plants and fruits.
Associate Prof. Dr. Chhandok Basu of Northridge California State Univeristy and Director of CSIR-IHBT Dr. Sanjay Kumar were also present during the conference. The conference was organized by Department of Life Sciences and Technology thanks Dr Manu Pant anchored the event.