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Special Task Force recovers 60 missing mobile phones


DEHRADUN, 12 Dec: Barinderjit Singh, Senior Superintendent of Police, Special Task Force briefed that a total 60 missing mobile phones worth Rs One Crore were recovered by Mobile Recovery Cell set up at Special Task Force, Uttarakhand. The recovered mobile phones were handed over to their owners.
He appealed to the people to register their complaint at Cyber Crime Police Station about their missing mobile phones.
They can also register their complaint through mobile phone number or inform the police through Facebook pages of Uttarakhand. A Mobile Recovery Cell was set up at STF Uttarakhand in November 2017. Mobile phones were recovered from various parts of the state and other states including Uttar Pradesh.
He further added that today’s foremost crimes are related to cyber. Our new generation is getting exposure to cyber space at a very young age. More and more children invest time online to play games, make friends, and use social networking sites and so on. Infact with smart phones significantly. The cyber space connects us virtually with crores of online users from across the globe. With increasing use of cyberspace, cyber crimes are also increasing rapidly. Cyber criminals use platforms such as social networking sites, E-mails, chatrooms, pirated software, websites, etc., to attack victims. According to the Indian Computer Emergency Response over 53000 cases of cyber security incidents were reported in 2017 in India.
SSP Singh further added that criminals are becoming more sophisticated at picking virtual pockets. And most of us remain woefully unprepared.
According to a survey conducted cyber crime the second most reported type of economic crime, is up from fourth place. (It is worth noting that most cyber crimes go unreported.)
Such states indicate widespread denial in the face of a growing problem. Online crime has gone way beyond teenage hackers pushing boundaries and into elaborate worldwide syndicates that are well organized and use sophisticated tools. They steal personal data, passwords and other information, then use it to blackmail businesses or scam consumers. Or they might sell it in the black market, where others can use it to steal identities and run up credit card charges.
Singh said that his team is working continuously to crack cases of cyber crime. He further added that we should follow the tips for safe browsing and always set up an incognito browser window to prevent usage of cookies and data mining about our surfing patterns. Always select browsers that actually opt out of data collection, or specialist search process that is anonymous. Always put a coloured tape on the webcam of your laptop/personal computers. Have strong passwords and if possible keep changing them regularly.
He further added that one should not use ones regular e-mail accounts to browse adult websites, make a new one. Never share nude pictures on chat or websites. They can be misused to later blackmail you. Never give permissions to the websites to access your data, e-mail account, or webcam. Never accept the friend requests randomly as everyone is not legitimate. Sex offenders create fake accounts to gain access to profiles. Never click on links sent by unknown people. They could direct you to unsecured pages and might make you vulnerable to virus attack.
He further added that Uttarakhand police cyber-cell has recovered more than 700 mobiles which costs approxmatiely more than one crore eighty two lakhs rupees within last eleven months.