Home Cinema Sudhanshu Pandey on his ‘Anupamaa’ role: My character has many shades

Sudhanshu Pandey on his ‘Anupamaa’ role: My character has many shades


Sudhanshu Pandey is happy and satisfied with the success of his character ‘Vanraj Shah’ in the popular television show ‘Anupamaa’. From being aggressive to arrogant, dominating and vulnerable, he has portrayed not just one but many shades on-screen, and he said that for an actor maintaining an image depends on how it’s been written.
He shared: “My character is probably one of the most difficult characters because it has never been the same. From the beginning till now there have been millions of changes in his attitude, approach, in the way he reacts, because that’s what ‘Vanraj’ is. He is very unpredictable, very realistic and he is a man with gray shades. He is not a tailor-made kind of a character and he is someone who is going to create some drama at every given point in time.”
Sudhanshu continued: “He is going to get angry; he is going to make people upset and sometimes suddenly he will turn very vulnerable and then sometimes he will be manipulative, sometimes he’ll be very strong and will also take a stand for the family and for the women of the family. So, there are a lot of shades for this character. Although a bad image with the kind of layers that I’ve had, Vanraj is not very easy to play or maintain.”
The show recently saw the entry of business tycoon ‘Anuj Kapadia’ (Gaurav Khanna) who happens to be ‘Anupamaa’s (Rupali Ganguly) college mate and also had a crush on her. This new development will see many changes in the show, the first being ‘Anupamaa’ becoming ‘Anuj’s business partner in a new venture.
Talking about the twists and turns introduced in a daily soap at various points, he said: “In a daily show to keep the audiences engaged you got to keep up the fire and I think this new twist is definitely going to get a lot of eyeballs and it has already got everybody so curious about what is going to happen in ‘Vanraj’, ‘Kavya’ (Madalsa Sharma) and ‘Anupamaa’s life.”