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Waste Warriors raises public awareness on solid waste management


DEHRADUN, 29 Jan: Naveen Kumar Sadana and Ankita Chamola, the Outreach and Partnerships team from Waste Warriors, Dehradun, organised a workshop on solid waste management at Rajpur Residency Apartments, here, today. Waste Warriors Society has been working since 2012 towards better solid waste management solutions in Dehradun. Since 2017, with support from Lal Family Foundation, their Outreach & Partnerships team directly engages Dehradun citizens, from households to businesses and authorities, by raising public awareness through community engagement and government partnerships.
The Waste Warriors team teaches people the basics of waste and the basics of the SWM Rules 2016: the different categories and ways of segregating waste and composting organic material, how waste pollutes air, water, and soil, and ultimately how people can begin to make small changes in their daily lives. Often people mix all of their house waste in a single trash bag and throw that out, which creates many problems in the waste management chain. Such awareness raising carries the potential to reverse dangerous trends, such as mixed waste disposal, single-use plastic consumption, micro-plastics, and air pollution. These are issues that are directly affecting Doon’s citizens now, and will continue to impact them in the future if little is done by both citizens and authorities
During the workshop at Rajpur Residency Apartments, the team distributed reusable waste sacks to each family for them to begin storing their dry recyclable waste, which would then be collected regularly with the support of a Dehradun Nagar Nigam truck. Today’s workshop was attended by Raj Laxmi Dubey, Deepak Verma, Jagdeep, Surjit Singh, Rachit Lal, and many others including their household helps.