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Why no case registered on beating up of student by IPS Officer?


By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 13 Aug: The Uttarakhand Police claims it is the ‘Mitra Police’. However several incidents have severely dented its image in Uttarakhand. The latest such incident is the beating up of a student in filmy style by a very senior level IPS officer of the Uttarakhand Police in Dehradun.
In this case, an 18 year old student was allegedly called by the Police to Bindal Police Chowki falling under the jurisdiction of Cantt Police Station and was beaten up by a very senior level IPS Officer before being let off after a warning that he better not report the incident to anyone.
Along with the help of Police officials posted at the Chowki, he was stripped naked and beaten up badly. Not only this, the IPS officer also applied a burning cigarette to his body. After a while, the student was also threatened that, if he complained to anyone about the matter, he would be sent to jail after being implicated in false cases. He was then let off. The student shared his harassment with the family and the, next day, he and his father called on DG, Law & Order, Ashok Kumar and submitted a complaint in this regard.
On the other hand, the accused personnel of Bindal Police Chowki claimed that the student had teased the daughter of the IPS officer concerned. Independent sources refuted this claim. They claim that the daughter of this IPS officer is well known to the boy and was friendly with him. There was no teasing or molestation involved.
According to DG, Law & Order, Ashok Kumar, the police did receive a complaint and investigation into the case had been handed over to SP City Shweta Chaubey. At the same time, the IPS officer concerned has also submitted a counter complaint against the student, who is a resident of Vijay Park. Legal experts state that Police, by not registering a case despite receiving a complaint as well a counter complaint, is behaving in a suspicious manner. They also believe that the police would have not hesitated to register a case against the student if he had indeed teased the girl as she is daughter of such a senior IPS officer. So far, no formal case has been registered in this matter by the Police. There is no record even with the Bindal Police Chowki of having summoned the boy.
Experts further point out that this IPS officer had not taken any senior Police officer in confidence and had directly misused his influence over the Bindal Police Chowki officials to summon the boy and get him beaten up. This is filmy style hooliganism of the Police. The experts opine that at stake is the Mitra image of the Uttarakhand Police.
Surprisingly, no politician or representative of the government seems to have taken any cognisance of this incident. State-level top police officers are refraining from speaking on the incident and sources claim that the attempts are now being made to suppress the case. Sources also assert that the young student might even be a minor though Police claim that the boy is above eighteen years of age.
The boy in question has got his medical test done at the government hospital in Premnagar. In the complaint submitted to DG Law & Order, his father alleged that the family is in panic and also feared a threat to life and property. While the father had yesterday claimed that he would be filing a case also with the State Human Rights Commission, but this has not been done thus far. Meanwhile, sources in the Police claimed that efforts were on to settle the case between the parties concerned.