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Yellow Fever Vaccination available at AIIMS Rishikesh



DEHRADUN, 9 Oct: Now yellow fever vaccine will also be available at AIIMS Rishikesh. For this facility, the Yellow Fever Vaccination Center has been established in the ground floor of AIIMS. People traveling to foreign countries will get special benefits from this facility. Yellow fever vaccine is mandatory when traveling to countries like Africa and America. Till now this facility was available only in Delhi, but now the Yellow Fever vaccine will be available in AIIMS Rishikesh also. During a program Professor Arvind Rajwanshi, Director AIIMS inaugurated the Yellow Fever Vaccine Center. On this occasion, he said that people going abroad will get special benefits from this facility. He said that setting up this center would save money and time for international travelers going from Uttarakhand to yellow fever countries. Professor Vartika Saxena, HOD CFM Department AIIMS, said that this vaccination will be open for vaccination every working Thursday, from 10 am to 1 pm. The validity of the vaccination card starts after 10 days of vaccination, and remains valid for lifetime. She said that Intending travelers of South American and African Countries could make appointments for Yellow fever vaccination by registering their names through the AIIMS Rishikesh website: https:// aiimsrishikesh.edu.in/college& Centres/ Community and Family Medicine/Yellow Fever Vaccination. She also said that before taking the appointment it is advised to read instructions carefully to avoid inconvenience later on. During the program Prof Manoj Gupta, Dean Academic, prof. Ashwani Kumar Dalal Medical Superintendent, Dr. Smita Sinha Faculty In-charge (YVFC), representative of NHM- Uttarakhand, Dr. Kuldeep Martolia (State Immunization Officer), and Dr. Ashutosh Bharadwaj (Assistant Director- IT Health) were also present for the inauguration.