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Youth commits suicide in Dehradun quarantine centre


By OUR  STAFF Reporter

DEHRADUN, 12 Jun: First, it was in Pauri district where some deaths had occurred in quarantine centres. Now, last night, a youth committed suicide at the Goolarghati (Balawala) Quarantine Centre in Dehradun raising fresh questions on how the quarantine centres are being maintained. There have been complaints in general about the bad quality food and poor hygienic conditions prevailing at many quarantine centres across the state.
The Government and the respective district administrations have, however, been in denial mode.
According to the police, others staying at the quarantine centre informed the police about the incident! The youth’s body was found hanging from a fan by others late last night. There are a total of 215 inmates at the quarantine centre! While the Police have launched an inquiry into the incident, the question is: what were the nodal officers of the quarantine centres doing?
Sources reported that the youth, aged between 18 and 20 years, was named Sanket Mehta and had arrived in Dehradun on a train from Jabalpur on 5 June! He belonged to Haridwar city but had been quarantined in Dehradun on his arrival!
Congress leaders have accused the government of being callous in management of quarantine centres despite making tall claims.