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Baluni condemns Opposition’s move to boycott certain journalists


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 15 Sep: BJP MP and National Media In charge of the party, Anil Baluni has condemned the Opposition’s boycott of certain news anchors during the news debates. In a statement issued today which he shared on the media, Anil Baluni has stated that, by taking such a decision, the Opposition’s INDI Alliance has only showcased its tendency to crush freedom of expression and to supress the media. He said that the BJP strongly condemns such anti-democratic action by the Congress and its allies. The action shows that Congress and its allies still firmly follow the ideology of imposing Emergency on the country and crushing the media.

Baluni likened the Alliance’s action to threatening the media.  This, he said was an attempt to influence the media to toe its line or else face a boycott. Baluni appealed to the media persons to strongly oppose the anti-democratic action by the Opposition and continue to perform their journalistic responsibilities in a free and fearless manner.