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BN Tiwari, President of FWICE unveils logo of “India Reads”

ELTAI conf concludes at Uttaranchal University
By Our Staff Reporter 
Dehradun, 14 Oct: As the “English for Global Citizenship: Multiple Teaching Acts and Learning Experiences” conference drew to a close on Saturday, the day was marked by reflection, insightful discussions, and a celebration of the knowledge and camaraderie that had been cultivated over the course of the event. The day began with parallel paper presentations in the School of Liberal Arts (SLA).
A momentous occasion during the conference was the launch and presentation of the ELTAI venture, “India Reads.” Jitender Joshi, Chancellor of Uttaranchal University, along with BN Tiwari, President of Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE), Mumbai, unveiled the logo of “India Reads”. It promises to be a groundbreaking reading movement endeavor in the realm of English language education. Tiwari, President, FWICE also corroborated his views on the importance of Reading. He mentioned that Reading is the most important meta-skill to develop the personality of a human being.
Distinguished individuals were recognised and celebrated for their contributions to the field of English language education and their significant roles in the conference‘s success.
Dr Arun Kumar Rana, the Registrar of Uttaranchal University, addressed the gathering, emphasizing the importance of such collaborative platforms in advancing education and fostering global citizenship.
The “English for Global Citizenship: Multiple Teaching Acts and Learning Experiences” conference was a vibrant platform that transcended borders and cultures. With 637 participants (including sponsors and speakers), 15 workshops, 05 plenary sessions, 01-panel discussion, 01 roundtable discussion, 01 symposium, 01 lightning talk, 01 interview, and the launch of the “India Reads” movement, it is poised to transcend boundaries and redefine the discourse on English language education. The conference had delegates from several countries Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, New Zealand, the USA and Ethiopia. It fostered a rich exchange of ideas, explored innovative pedagogical approaches, and deepened our understanding of the role of English language education in shaping global citizens.
Music Composer & Singer Somesh Mathur, First Female Sound Recordist of India Champa Tiwari were also present amongst others.