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Demand made for repair of dangerous bridge

By Sunil Sonker
Mussoorie, 20 May: The only bridge that connects the Barlowganj-Jhadipani-Dehradun route is in bad condition. The lower part of the bridge has been damaged completely. The iron rods show the damaged condition of the bridge. Mussoorie Municipal Council Member Suresh Thapliyal has written a letter to the Administrative Officer, Public Works Department, stating that the bridge has been damaged and sought immediate repairs, before a major accident takes place.
According to Thapliyal, pillar of the bridge could fall at any time, causing a major accident. He has urged the Public Works Department and Chief Minister to get it repaired soon. He said that every day, heavy and light vehicles, passed on the route. During the tourism season, the traffic to Dehradun was also diverted on the same road, but the bridge posed a serious danger. Thapliyal has demanded that the repairs are done before the rainy season.
Local resident Moti Bahadur Thapa said many complaints had been made to the administration about the bridge, but no attention had been paid. He said that, every day, heavy water tankers and buses passed over it and bridge shook, indicating its incapacity to hold heavy vehicles.