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Diesel auto drivers protest ‘discriminatory’ order


DEHRADUN, 5 Mar: Members of the Auto Rickshaw Union held a protest here, today, against the government’s decision to ban diesel run auto-rickshaws. The government wishes to substitute such autos with e-rickshaws and LPG run vehicles to reduce pollution on the roads. The Doon Auto Union feels that the legal validity of this decision can be challenged. They feel that it is discriminatory in nature.
There are around 1100 diesel run autos in the city. These have been banned. The auto owners ask why the ban is not being implemented against the over a lakh diesel run cars, vikrams and other commercial vehicles. Many of these did not even have a permit to ply in the city. They alleged that the decision has been taken to fulfill personal interests.
Union Leader Pankaj Arora said the RTA’s decision also denied the public a cheap transport option. It would impact on the auto drivers’ livelihood, also. There was also a shortage of LPG filling stations in the city, as there were only two. Drivers were using cooking gas cylinders, thereby endangering lives.
Over 300 auto drivers took part in the demonstration.