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Double Standards


There is much talk of mob lynchings in India, which are projected for international consumption as targeted against Muslims. The fact is that many of these are for a variety of reasons, mostly emanating from street violence. Most Muslims directly involved are in the case of suspected cow smuggling. It is in a small percentage of cases that Muslims as individuals are targeted for their religion. Looked at statistically, these do not reflect an increase in the overall number of cases involving violence. It must also be acknowledged that during the first five years of NDA rule, the incidence of communal riots has dropped substantially. As such, it cannot be said that mob violence has increased because of the presence of the BJP in power. According to a Reuters report, the total number of deaths in the 63 cow related ‘mob lynchings’ between 2010 and 2017 amounted to 28 (24 Muslims). In comparison, 1.5 lakh persons approximately are killed in road accidents every year.
It is interesting, though, that a nation like the US which never fails to lecture India on human rights presents interesting statistics on race related incidents and killings, completely exposing the huge contrast between it and India. Without going into the American past involving slavery and the era of lynchings when the phrase actually came into existence, the modern era itself graphically shows the inherent racism in society and the police forces. In 2019, thus far, there have been 248 mass shootings, leading to the deaths of 246 persons. Most of these incidents have been hate crimes initiated by white supremacists. As many as 480 persons have been shot by the police in 2019, thus far, twenty-five percent of whom are blacks, despite their being just thirteen percent of the population. Considering that the population of India is between three to four times that of the US, the contrast is even greater. If Indians are considered fanatics regarding the cow, the Americans have an even greater obsession with gun ownership that remains unrelenting even in the continuous shooting deaths of innocents, particularly children. Even common sense exhortations seeking bans on automatic rifles and other military style weapons are not accepted. Unlike the strict discipline exercised by almost all Indian politicians in public declarations, the US has a President who has openly incited race related hatred.
This applies equally to the other Western style democracies based on histories of colonial grab and suppression of indigenous peoples. And they deign to lecture India on democratic values and human rights!