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Hands-on-Training Prog on ‘Cell Counter’ held at Dolphin PGI

Dehradun, 10 May: Dolphin (PG) Institute of Biomedical & Natural Sciences organised a two-day hands on training programme on “Cell Counter” in collaboration with its Department of Pathology and “Maa Bala Sundari Devi Diagnostic Centre”.
The programme was inaugurated by Principal of the institute, Dr Shailja Pant. She said that “Cell Counter” and its practice are a fundamental need of medical sciences, research labs and overall diagnostic purposes. It was very useful in automation and pathology.
The keynote lecture of the programme was delivered by the invited guest speaker, MD Path & Professor of Immune Haematology Department, HIMS, Dr Manish Raturi, on Immune Haematology. He explained the techniques of Blood Component preparation and its uses in different clinical conditions. He also motivated students to undertake voluntary blood donation and spoke about its benefits.
On the first day of the programme, the students were shown the use of Cell Counter for blood sample analysis by the expert, Rajesh Kumar Jha.
Another invited expert, Ashish Joshi, Head & Quality Manager at Department of Pathology of Synergy Institute of Medical Sciences, Dehradun, gave a detailed talk on Hematological Parameters and their interpretation. He also discussed the advantages of Cell Counter over manual cell counting and also explained NABL Accreditation and its advantages.
On the second day of the hands on training programme, invited phlebotomist Nayan Kumar Sharma from the SRL Diagnostic Path Lab, Gurugram, demonstrated phlebotomy techniques and helped students collect blood by the vacutainer method. Another phelebotomist, Shubham Singh from SRL Diagnostic Path Lab also helped students perform phelebotomy and discussed the advantages of blood sample collection with the use of vacutainer. In this session, participants also collected blood samples. The last day’s session was continued by invited experts Harmanpeet Singh and Tara Singh Mehra from Tranasia Biomedicals Ltd. They demonstrated various aspect of Automated Cell Counter. Each participant also performed the individual Cell Blood Count (CBC) test.
All the participants were given certificates at the end of the programme, which was also attended by Director Dr Arun Kumar, Aditya Swaroop, Rashmi Chauhan, Ankit Johari and Rajesh Kumar Jha along with faculty and students from other departments.