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Harish Rawat welcomes election announcement in U’khand



DEHRADUN, 8 Jan: President of Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress Election Campaign Committee and former Chief Minister Harish Rawat today welcomed the date announced by the Election Commission, in a press conference held at the Congress State Office. He claimed that on 14 February, the people of Uttarakhand would vote to ensure the farewell of the BJP government. Rawat further claimed that the people were ready to uproot the government which was destroying the Uttarakhand state, trampling upon the dreams of the youth, destroying development, imposing inflation on the people, trampling upon the river drains and water resources. He said that the Congress party was eagerly waiting for the election dates, and Congress workers were very enthusiastic about this election. The public was also eager to celebrate this democracy and this enthusiasm and eagerness was a sign that the winds of change were blowing loudly in the state to bid farewell to this anti-democratic, anti-worker, anti-conflict, antidevelopment government. On the question of the Election Commission allowing only 5 persons for online nomination, door-to-door canvassing and ban on scooters, rallies, etc., he said that the Congress party was making full use of social media and modern technology in this election and would strictly follow the guidelines of the commission. He also expressed the hope that strict action would be taken to check the use of money power, misuse of government machinery and influence of liquor etc in elections. He also appealed to the public to keep an eye on such elements and come forward to punish them with their franchise. The former Chief Minister also expressed the hope that the Election Commission would also keep a watchful eye on such State Government officials as could be misused by the State Government for its own benefit. He said that in order to follow the guidelines issued by the Election Commission for conducting elections in view of Corona, it ought to be followed with uniformity and fairness. Giving the example of West Bengal elections, he claimed that in the elections of West Bengal, the ruling party at the centre had violated the guidelines of the Election Commission, the Election Commission ought to keep an eye on such matters so that the level playing field and free and fair elections could be ensured. Responding to a question from journalists, former Chief Minister Harish Rawat said that he would wherever the party ordered him to contest. In response to another question, he also said that the candidates had been finalised in respect of at least 45 seats and would be finalised soon in the rest of the constituencies after a consensus was reached.