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Lecture held on Road Safety at Doon Ghati College



Dehradun, 27 Nov: A Public Awareness Lecture on Road Safety was delivered by Dr BKS Sanjay of Sanjay Orthopaedic, Spine and Maternity Centre, Jakhan, at Doon Ghati College of Professional Education, Doiwala, today.

Other than students, the Chairman of the College, Birender Chauhan, Principal Dr Lalit Mohan Sharma, Kuldeep, Deepika Chauhan, SP Bhatt, Dr Bhavendra Chand, Shyam Mohan Rastogi, Shilpa Negi, Sohan Singh Rawat, Sonia Rawat, Abhishek, Pinki Joshi, Arzoo, Sumita, etc., were present.

Dr Sanjay informed the gathering that, according to national data, approximately 5 lakh road traffic accidents occur in India every year. One and a half lakh people are killed. But he was of the opinin that these numbers were under reported due to poor management of these patients by police, the medical and social systems. According to him, road traffic accidents have become an epidemic in the country.

Dr Sanjay, who has almost 40 years of experience in dealing with road traffic accidents, emphasised that many children were becoming orphans, young women becoming widows, and many parents becoming dependent on others due to these road traffic accidents. It may seem that only one individual is dying in these accidents, but the fact was that the whole society suffered indirectly. Dr Sanjay said he had taken a pledge to increase awareness among the general public so as to decrease the incidence of road traffic accidents.

The lecture was a part of this campaign. Dr Sanjay delivered his lecture through interactive power point slides and video presentation. He showed the impact of road traffic accidents and also the measures to prevent them. Dr Sanjay emphasised that the public should learn the traffic rules and follow them. The government should educate on and enforce these traffic rules. If these rules were followed honestly, then road traffic accidents could be significantly reduced. After the lecture, the students, teachers and staff took a pledge to follow the traffic rules in the future.