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New members inducted in Mussoorie Congress


By Sunil Sonker
Mussoorie, 14 Jan: The Congress party has started preparations for the 2022 election. As part of this, a large number of women and men joined the party at a programme held at the Mussoorie Congress Bhawan, today, in the presence of Mussoorie Congress President Gaurav Aggarwal and State President Pritam Singh.
Pritam Singh welcomed them all with garlands. He claimed that the people of the country were unhappy with the BJP government. Today, the farmers were on the road, unemployment was at its peak, disaster management was nowhere to be seen, and the government was failing to deal with the corona epidemic. He said that the people of Uttarakhand were looking towards the Congress, which was why they were joining the party. He said that 2022 belongs to the Congress and, with the blessings of the people, the party would form the government in Uttarakhand. The farmers were protesting the three black agriculture laws. The Congress would lay siege to the Governor’s residence on 15 January at the behest of National President Sonia Gandhi. Congress workers in Uttarakhand would gather in large numbers and demand the Central Government withdraw the three black laws.
Pritam Singh also accused the state government of being involved in a number of scams. He also attacked BJP Union Minister Smriti Irani for having double standards. She had nothing to say when inflation had broken the back of the country.
Former Mussoorie Congress MLA Jot Singh Gunsola said that the countdown to BJP’s decline had started. People of the country and the state had made up their mind to bring back the Congress.
Mussoorie Congress President Gaurav Aggarwal welcomed the people who joined the Congress Party.
Present on the occasion were State Congress General Secretary Manmohan Singh Mall, Godavari Thapli, Lal Chand Sharma, Mussoorie Mahila Congress President Jasbir Kaur, Ramprasad Kavi, Councilor Pratap Panwar, Darshan Rawat, Nandlal, Arvind Sonkar, Rajeev Agarwal, Sushil Agarwal, Wasim Khan, Megh Singh Kandari, Vinod Semwal, Pooja Lal, Mukesh Rao, Manzoor Ahmed, Saurabh Sonkar, Bharosi Rawat, Madhuri Tamta, Shivani Bharti, Rami Devi, Jagpal Gusain, Mohammad Shah Rukh, Naveen Shah and many others.