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One can take advantage of this lockdown in grooming the future: Dr. Ghanshala

Deepak Rautela rewarded for getting 40.37 lakh package in Microsoft
By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 12 June: Dr. Kamal Ghanshala, President, Graphic Era Educational Group, said that despite lockdown and the situation bogged down by Corona, students have made a splendid record of placements. He also mentioned that the lockdown can be taken as an advantageous situation to shape one’s future by making a strategy.
 Dr. Kamal Ghanshala expressed his views after presenting the reward to Deepak Singh Rautela, a student of B.Tech Computer Science Engineering, resident of Bageshwar. Deepak was given a prize of Rs 1 lakh at Graphic Era Deemed University campus today for receiving a package of Rs 40.37 lakhs, from the world’s leading company Microsoft.  Deepak Singh Rautela’s father  Harish Singh Rautela, and mother Asha Rautela, were also honored by Dr. Ghanshala.
Dr. Ghanshala said that a mother is the first teacher of every child. The values received from the family becomes the foundation for the success of the children.  During the lockdown, Btech CSE Maitri Rawat got a package of Rs 54.80 lakh in Google.
 He said that as soon as the lockdown started during the first wave of Corona, Graphic Era strategized and made complete arrangements, from online classes to examinations, and made arrangements for virtual placements, keeping in mind the future of the students.  For  best results, the students were groomed to perform better than ever in the face of adversity through expert faculty members. Using various techniques, arrangements were made in such a way that the energy and abilities of the students were unleashed and they got the best opportunities to build their future by coming ahead in this competitive era. This has resulted in excellent placements.
Deepak Singh Rautela, who got a package of Rs 40.37 lakh in Microsoft, got the credit for his success even before getting the degree. He stated that Dr. Kamal Ghanshala, president Graphic Era, who himself took his lectures, taught difficult subjects in a simple and interesting way, with expert teachers and his parents. Also, the level of instruction and university’s education imparted was commendable. Deepak’s mother, Asha Rautela, shared that shortly after sending her son to Dehradun, she herself moved to Dehradun with her family so that Deepak did not face any problem in his studies.