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Opposition trying to mislead people: Dhami


By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 10 Jan: Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami today strongly targeted the opposition. Addressing a press conference at a local hotel here, Dhami said that those who had not done any work during their rule were trying to mislead the people on development.
During the press interaction, the CM reiterated the achievements of his party’s government and emphasised that schemes worth Rs 1 lakh crores had been approved by the Union Government for the state. PM Modi had laid the foundation stones and inaugurated schemes worth Rs 18,000 crores in Dehradun and worth Rs 17.5 crores in Haldwani.
Dhami said that, soon, the Delhi to Dehradun journey would be a two and a half hour one. During the tenure of the BJP government, the network of roads in the mountains had also been significantly strengthened. Targeting the opposition, the CM said that those who had never done any work were indulging in trying to mislead the people on development projects in progress in the state, including the Tanakpur-Bageshwar railway line.
Dhami said that the government had increased the capacity of Dehradun airport, opened new air routes on which services were now operating. The government under him had taken more than 500 decisions and issued orders for their implementation. Funds had also been allocated for them.
The CM said these elections were going to be held based on comparisons between the scams of the other party and the BJP’s work on the ground. The BJP would follow all the guidelines of the Election Commission. He also claimed that the government would make Uttarakhand one of the leading states by the year 2025, when the state would be observing silver jubilee of its existence.
Dhami also that Congress and corruption were complementary to each other. The public would definitely teach a lesson to those who were trying to mislead them. The condition of Congress was akin to going to a pilgrimage after committing innumerable sins. Congress was the fountainhead of corruption, he claimed.
Dhami pointed out those whose houses were made of glass, ought not to be throwing stones at others. Everyone remembered the corruption related to mining during Congress government rule. Today, those who called General Bipin Rawat a street goon were talking about the welfare of the soldiers. The BJP government had ensured that the benefits of its welfare schemes reached the last person standing in the queue. Be it the Atal Ayushman Bharat scheme or welfare schemes for the poor, all were proving to be greatly beneficial to society. He claimed that the coming decade would belong to Uttarakhand. Atal Bihari Vajpayee created Uttarakhand and it would be groomed by PM Narendra Modi.
Dhami further claimed that the BJP was getting blessings from the public in large numbers. People would cooperate with the BJP in making Uttarakhand one of the best states of the country. In response to a question regarding failure to grant Rs 4600 grade pay to the police officials who had been demanding it for a long time, Dhami said he was aware of the demand, some benefits had been given in a lump sum manner, but the government was willing to consider the demand and fulfil it soon. He asked the Congress to come out with the specific facts if any illegal appointments had been made in violation of the Model Code of Conduct and not generalise the allegation. There was no illegal mining and if Congress had any specific knowledge of the same, let it make a specific charge.
On the question of employment generation, Dhami said that the BJP would provide the media with the figures of every department soon. The government had speeded up the process of recruitment on 24,000 posts. It was after many years that recruitment had been done in the Police Department.
He also dismissed the possibility of any infighting in the BJP leading to its defeat in the coming elections and claimed that such things happened in Congress not in the BJP as there was no malice in the BJP leaders against each other. He also said that his PRO, Narendra Bist, had been reinstated after an inquiry and he was not found guilty. Dhami said that the BJP would soon bring a vision document of 10 years before the public.