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Outsourced drivers complain of being exploited by govt officials



DEHRADUN, 25 Jun: Uttarakhand Contractual and Outsourced Vehicle Driver Association has levelled a serious allegation of exploitation by the government officers in the state. The Association has written a letter addressed to the Chief Minister claiming that the contractual and outsourced drivers hired by the government were being exploited by the officers under whom they had been deputed to serve. The Association has also alleged misuse of government vehicles by these officers for personal use in violation of the rules. The letter claims that several senior bureaucrats had charge of several departments and that they were using vehicles from all the departments. These vehicles were being used not only to pick up and drop these officers to office and home or for the meetings, but also to drop their children to schools and tuitions and for shopping of grossery and vegetables, etc. The letter also alleges that several officers were using the drivers to walk their pet dogs as well. The Association has demanded that a clear policy be framed and implemented for contractual and outsourced drivers engaged in various government departments and bodies so that their exploitation could be prevented and they could work in accordance with the rules. The letter urges the CM for an early action in this regard. Meanwhile, Congress has come out in support of the outsourced and contractual drivers. It has claimed that continued exploitation of the drivers indicated that the BJP Government has failed to rein in the bureaucrats and as a result the outsourced employees were being exploited. BJP on the other hand has claimed that the government would take appropriate action over such complaints.