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Philosopher Satish Kumar seeks people’s support for Nanhi Dunya Mission


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 1 Nov: Renowned monk, author and philosopher Satish Kumar, today, made a passionate appeal to all to help the Nanhi Dunya Mission in all possible ways. Kumar, a Gandhian, a Jain Monk, environmentalist and motivational speaker, besides being a writer and editor, was addressing the audience and the children present on the occasion of release of the book, ‘Nanhi Dunya – An Evolutionary Journey since 1946’, at Nanhi Dunya Mother House on Inder Road, here, today. Kumar has been associated with Nanhi Dunya for a long time. He presently lives in the UK.

In his address, Kumar urged the audience to support the Nanhi Dunya Mission in any possible manner, with money or as a volunteer. He lavishly praised Nanhi Dunya as a great movement.

“It is not merely a school,” he emphasised, “but a family and a community.” He stated that every school should be a home for children and not a factory. He added that Nanhi Dunya has been a good example of being a home for the children. It does not discriminate between the children and it accepts all categories of students.

“It is like Mother Earth. Mother Earth never discriminates against anyone. Mother Earth does not say that only bright or academically brilliant or rich people can eat good food. It provides food to everyone,” he emphasised.

Kumar said that Nanhi Dunya treats all children equally and does not judge them. All children are beautiful. Every child who comes to this world is divine. Every child comes to the world with a special purpose and meaning.

He pointed out that the mainstream schools, colleges and universities judge children on various basis. The mainstream educational institutions are basically job-oriented. Nanhi Dunya, on the other hand, focuses on all round development of the child, including his or her creative, artistic and spiritual development. Nanhi Dunya may have limited resources and a smaller number of students but it is a big idea. Kumar said that he would like the mainstream schools to learn many things from Nanhi Dunya. It is a good example for future generations.

Kumar reminded that the world is facing huge issues and problems, currently, like global warming, climate change, the Russia-Ukraine war and multiple other problems. None of these problems have been created by the ordinary men and women across the world. All have been created by the highly educated people from top universities who are running the world.

Kumar asked people to come forward and help the cause of Nanhi Dunya – to donate if they have money, to give time to teach the children skills. He appealed to the audience to support Nanhi Dunya movement financially, physically or morally and with voluntary work as the children belong to all.

Earlier, the function began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp, followed by a Kabir Bhajan and, then, a stage dance performance with rendering of Hanuman Chalisa.

This was followed by the release of the book, ‘Nanhi Dunya-An Evolutionary Journey since 1946’ and, then, Satish Kumar addressed the audience. Later, Nanhi Dunya Fellows were also honoured on the occasion and the programme concluded with the rendering of the Nanhi Dunya song.

DGP Ashok Kumar also participated in the event.

Nanhi Dunya – An Evolutionary Journey’, has been written and compiled by Alok Ulfat and designed by Gunjan Sethi. The book showcases Nanhi Dunya’s history, profound aims and lasting contributions over the 75 years of its inception. On the occasion, the Nanhi Dunya Avikal Ensemble gave an enthusiastic performance of a Hindi poetry recitation of ‘Poochho Kaun Ho tum’, written and directed by Performing Arts Maestro Alok Ulfat. Satish Kumar honoured Ulfat fellows – select friends and supporters of Nanhi Dunya Movement with a Tulsi plant. The fellows included two of the Board of Trustees of Nanhi Dunya, Ved Prakash Jain, Dr BK Endlay, Ira Chauhan, environmental activist, mindful practitioner, journalist, moderator; Wing Commander Kuldip Shiva (Retd), Satish Sharma, actor, publisher and editor, Garhwal Post, Bhumesh Bharti, visual artist, and Suhird Pal Singh, Chairman of SBS University, environmentalist and educationist. Satish Kumar is also co-founder of Bija Vidyapeeth along with Dr Vandana Shiva, and conducts courses at Navdanya Earth University. Chief Promoter Kiran U Goyal expressed her gratitude and faith towards the help given by supporters of Nanhi Dunya over the decades. Chief Education Coordinator Alok Ulfat appealed to the audience to support Nanhi Dunya in its endeavours. On the occasion Board of Trustee Ramesh Sharma surprised the audience by creating celebratory ritual for Alok Ulfat’s birthday. Veteran journalist Anjali Nauriyal, Zorawar Singh, Ojasya Soham Ulfat were also present amongst others.