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Rendezvous: An intellectual fiesta organised at St Jude’s School



DEHRADUN, 23 Jul: St. Jude’s School initiated the Rendezvous festivities with the Inter-House debate competition. The topic up for debate was “True love does not exist.” Two students, for and against the motion, from each of the four houses, were given one hour to formulate their debates. The competition was fierce, as the judges acknowledged, yet the speakers from Howard House Manvi Malik and Shraddha Chakraborty, were adjudged victorious in the group category, whilst Aman Devrani, of Gardner House, was acclaimed as the ‘best speaker’.

Following the debate competition was the group discussion – wherein contestants were assessed on the basis of the four elements of discussion; purpose, participation, planning and efficiency. The essence of this contest was to propel students to spontaneously express their views on contemporary matters —which, in the present case, was NATO and its validity. Gardner House was presented with the first prize, whilst Aman Devrani, yet again, was proclaimed as the leader of the discussion.

On the penultimate day of Rendezvous, two more events were held : Web designing and creative writing, making certain to furnish a platform for the ‘thinkers’ and the ‘doer’s’ of St. Jude’s School. Rendezvous, the first festival of the new semester, climaxed with a newfound appreciation for knowledge, creativity and dynamism; which, perhaps, got misplaced in the midst of the global pandemic we’ve had to endure. The students were grateful to the Vice-Principal, Michelle Gardner, as well as the Principal, V Gardner, for the enlightening morning.