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“Subharati E-Connect” launched at Ras Bihari Bose Subharti University



Vikas Nagar, 18 Dec: The Centre for Advanced Studies and Research (CASR) of Subharti University launched the interactive virtual continuing education programme “Subharati E-Connect”, here, today. The newly constructed Council Building of the university was also inaugurated by the founder and President of Subharti Group, Dr Atul Krishna.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony, Dr Atul Krishna stated that Subharti aims to provide accessible education and healthcare to the general public. The goal is to empower students to conduct in-depth research in the era of information and technology, contributing significantly to the progress of the nation.

Dr Rajesh Mishra, the Vice-Chancellor of Ras Bihari Bose Subharti University, explained in his address that the university’s Centre for Advanced Studies and Research (CASR) has initiated the “Subharati E-Connect” programme to collaborate with students across the country in their research. He urged professionals, faculty members, and students engaged in academic research to participate in the Subharati E-Connect programme for mutual benefit.

Dr Devvrat Roy, the Pro Vice-Chancellor and Head of CASR, provided information about the programme, emphasising that “Subharati E-Connect” aims to enhance the quality of education and contribute to overall development. The programme includes interdisciplinary content with relevant materials for comprehensive education. The university has incorporated proposed courses and programmes, with virtual discussions, seminars, and conferences planned.

As part of the programme’s educational objectives, each department of the university will prepare monthly schedules. Various educators, researchers, eminent scholars, and guest lecturers from different fields will organise conferences, panel discussions, etc.

Khalid Hasan, the Secretary of the University, provided crucial information about the ‘Developed India 2047’ programme run by the Indian Government for the youth through virtual media. He called upon the university staff and students to pledge their commitment to developing the nation. Representatives from other university departments were present at the event.