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World University of Design students explore Jageshwar



Dehradun, 23 Feb: A group of fifty-seven students and six professors from World University of Design, Sonipat, is currently engaged in a six-day exploration of Jageshwar, also known as the ‘Valley of Gods’. This educational journey has been organised by the University’s Schools of Architecture & Visual Arts. Professors Shaleen Sharma and Rajan Shripad Fulari are guiding the students in gaining a firsthand understanding of the habitat ecosystem and cultural fabric of this ancient religious town, a heritage site protected by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). The group also seeks insights into the socio-economic status of the area.

Dean Shaleen Sharma, School of Architecture, World University of Design, said, “Jageshwar, with its cluster of over 100 ancient temples, exhibiting a fusion of architectural styles including Nagara and Dravidian, reflect the diverse influences prevalent during their construction period. This provides students with a rich tapestry of architectural elements to analyse and understand, offering insights into the socio-cultural milieu of ancient India. The documentation activities encompass open-built documentation, cultural analysis, primary town study, and a socio-economic survey. The students aspire to document the fabric of the site, analyse space from an architectural standpoint, and gain insights into the culture and traditions of the town, exploring their implications on architecture and public spaces.”

“We are thrilled to explore Jageshwar. The temples, approximately 2500 years old, exhibit Katyuri dynasty architecture. Our excitement to witness the ruins is fueled by Jageshwar’s rich history. Throughout the tour, we engaged with the community, explored archaeological sites, visited villages, and appreciated local artisans’ work, unveiling the town’s cultural influence on architecture,” stated the students.

Emphasizing not only the architectural aspects but also the stunning sculptures and artifacts, Prof. Rajan Shripad Fulhari, Dean, School of Visual Arts, added, “Jageshwar, the ‘Valley of Gods,’ is a protected heritage site with 174 sculptures, and 25 inscriptions. This unique experience allows students to connect with ancient creativity roots, drawing inspiration from intricate carvings, majestic sculptures, and cultural inscriptions. The site’s rich heritage becomes a canvas for budding artists to express their artistic language, emphasizing the fusion of art, history, and spirituality.”

Dr Sanjay Gupta, Vice Chancellor, World University of Design, added, “In the future, the university intends to build upon this study, utilising student findings to offer valuable insights into the influence of urban forces and economic triggers on Jageshwar’s growth. The research outcomes will be documented in the book ‘Sacred Abodes” to be published by the university. This initiative focuses specifically on documenting Jageshwar’s urban morphology and residential typology.”