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Maharaj unhappy with poor quality construction on NH 309

By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 6 Dec: Taking cognizance of media reports about the poor quality of reconstruction and reinforcement work of National Highway No. 121 (309) from Km 128 to Km 158 (Bironkhal to Mazgaon) and Km 164 to Km 189 (Thalisain to Salondhar), PWD Minister Satpal Maharaj has expressed displeasure and has issued warning that any compromise with the quality of construction will not be tolerated. He has directed reconstruction of the road length in question.
Following the instruction of the PWD Minister Satpal Maharaj, the department has made DBM up to 10 meters. The surface has been uprooted. Very soon, DBM will be installed at the said place in the prescribed thickness. Re-relaying work will also be done to complete the reconstruction work of the road.
Maharaj issued warning to the National Highway officials that no compromise on the quality would be tolerated. In a statement issued today, Maharaj informed that on the National Highway No 121 (309) from km 128 to km 158 (Bironkhal to Mazgaon) and km 164 to km 0, reconstruction and strengthening of the road from Km 189 (Thalisain to Salondhar) had been ordered and was now in progress. He added that Km 156 (0-2) of National Highway No 121 (309) was the place where D.B.M had eroded. The surface was found eroded up to about 10 meters. For this responsibility was fixed on the concerned company doing construction and reinforcement in the project and it would be repaired at the company cost.
Maharaj stated that for the repairs, up to 10 meters the said road had been uprooted by scraping with JCB Braco loader and that orders have been given for re-relaying work on which work would be started soon.