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Minister Dr Dhan Singh Rawat inaugurates New Surgical Complex at Subharti Hospital



Vikasnagar, 3 Jan: Higher Education, Cooperation and Health Minister Dr Dhan Singh Rawat, the Chief Guest at the inauguration programme of the modern surgical complex in the Subharti Hospital complex, praised the new development. He also informed the students about the efforts and new schemes being undertaken by the government in the field of health and medical education.

He said that, in the era of competition, facilities are being provided by the universities and the government in the interest of every student. “We have to compete with the whole world and have to be the best,” he declared. “We believe that Subharti Hospital is developing the students in this spirit.”

He said that the aim of the government is to make a TB-free and drug-free Uttarakhand. Subharti is contributing to this.

MLA Munna Chauhan said in his address that Subharti Hospital is making continuous efforts in the field of health and education. People are benefiting from the various schemes being run for the poor, destitute and indigent people.

MLA Sahdev Pundir said that Subharti Group has presented a wonderful model of values ​​and service along with medicine and education.

Dr Atul Krishna, Founder of Subharti Group, gave information about the features of Subharti Hospital and the newly constructed modern surgical complex. He said that Subharti is working diligently in public welfare works through medical and education sectors and is benefiting the common people through health services.

The programme was presided over by Yash Vardhan, Chancellor of Subharti University. On this occasion, Vice Chancellor Dr Rajesh Mishra, Chief Medical Superintendent Dr Desh Deepak, Chairman of the Management Committee Dr Anil Mongia, Medical Superintendent Dr Rahul Shukla, Deputy Medical Superintendent Dr Ravindra Singh Aswal, Vice-Principal Dr Rupa Hanspal, Officer on Special Duty Balwant Singh Bohra, Dr Tapasya Rajya Lakshmi, Dr Lokesh Tyagi, Dr Ritesh Srivastava, Dr Ravindra Pratap Singh Yadav, Ravi Mittal, Amit Joshi, Mayank Maiwad, Jitendra Tyagi, Bhavna Sharma, Harish Sharma, Satish Kumar, etc., were also present.  The programme was conducted by Dr Prashant Kumar Bhatnagar.