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Ration Kits distributed by Jubin Nautiyal & father Ram Sharan Nautiyal


By Our Staff Reporter 

Dehradun, 30 Jul: During this period of global pandemic and lockdown over the past few months, the country has faced many challenges, amongst which has been the heavy migration of labours to their native places due to lack of work in cities.
Singer Jubin Nautiyal has received accolades and praise for his digital live concerts to keep the spirit alive during a tough time for fans and audiences all across the globe. Recently, while visiting his village in Jaunsar Bawar, here, he found that labourers had returned home from cities and had been out of work ever since. There are six thousand such families, approximately, consisting of between 7 and 12 members, each.
Jubin immediately decided to change their situation and got in touch with Anant Ambani, explaining these conditions. Ambani instantly offered his help in every way possible to aid these families in Uttarakhand.
Jubin and Anant Ambani cooperated in the distribution of Ration Kits to six thousand families. Jubin expresses his gratitude towards the Ambani family for providing help to the needy families. Due to heavy rainfall in Uttarakhand, there is the problem of landslides, but Jubin is determined to reach out with his father Ram Sharan Nautiyal to help others with assured delivery of ration kit at their doorsteps.
He further hopes that this will inspire others to start a movement in their respective native places to help the villagers in need.