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SPECS releases Water Quality Report 2020


DEHRADUN, 15 Jul: Yet again reaffirming its commitment to working for clean water supply to the masses, Dehradun based Society of Pollution and Environmental Conservation Scientists (SPECS), continuing with its 25 year old campaign, carried out water quality testing in the municipal areas of Dehradun and adjoining villages. Conducted from 10 June to 10 July, the campaign included urban, rural and slum areas, in particular. The water samples were collected from as many as 125 places, which included door to door collection.
The SPECS laboratory was set up in 1998 assisted by the Department of Science and Technology, GOI. The fallout of consuming impure water is in the form of two challenges. First, getting a disease caused by disease causing organisms present in the water and, second, the presence of toxic substances in the water.
The presence of organisms results in diseases like Gastroenteritis, flu, diarrhea, chronic fever, cough, sleep disorders, malaria, dengue amongst others.
The findings revealed that the water at the following fifteen places had no Coliform in it – Ashima Vihar, Raipur, Ramnagar, Shivlok Colony, Loharwala, Indiranagar, Balliwala, Panditwari, Dhartawala, Indiranagar, Vasant Vihar, Ballupur, Green Park, Chamanpuri, Jhanda Bazaar, Indira Colony, Rajpur Road and Johri.
No Fecal Coliform was found at the following 15 places – Ashima Vihar, Raipur, Ramnagar, Shivlok Colony, Loharwala, Indiranagar, Balliwala, Panditwari, Dhartawala, Indiranagar, Vasant Vihar, Ballupur, Vasant Vihar, Green Park, Chamanpuri, Jhanda Bazaar, Indira Colony, Rajpur and Johri.
In the following 8 places, absorbed chlorine was as per norms – Indira Colony, Jhanda Bazaar, Kaulagarh, Panditwari, Vani Vihar, Turner Road, Nathanpur and Majari Mafi.
In the following 16 places, chlorine was highest in terms of percentage in water – Jhanda Bazaar 0.8, Raipur 0.6, Rajpur Road 0.6, Johri 0.6, Balliwala Chowk 0.6, Ashima Vihar 0.4, Ramnagar Shivlok Colony 0.4, Loharwala 0.4, Indiranagar 0.4, Panditwari Dhartawala 0.4, Indiranagar Vasant Vihar 0.4, Ballupur 0.4, Green Park Chamanpur 0.4, Indira Colony 0.4, while as per norm chlorine should not be more that 0.2 milligrams per litre.
At the following 32 places, no absorbed chlorine was found (norms include 0.2 milligrams per litre) – Kisanpur Canal, Vijay Colony, Salawala, Karanpur, Tilak Road, Bhandaribagh, Pathribagh, Vidhya Vihar, Saraswati Vihar, Ajapur Kalan, Ansari Marg, Moti Bazaar, Raja Road, Malviya Raod, Khurbura Mohalla, New Park Road, Gandhi Gram, Park Road, Brahmpuri, Niranjanpur Mandi, New Patelnagar, Vijay Park, Sridev Suman Nagar (Chorkhala), Akashdeep Colony, Yamuna Colony, Nehru Colony, Araghar Chowk, Nalapani Chowk, Jhanda, Mamgain Mohalla, Danda Lakhond, Ekta Vihar -10, Pathar Chowk and Majari Mafi.
At the following 36 places, absorbed clorine was found below the norms, which was 0.1 mg/litre (whereas norm is 0.2 mg/litre) – Malsi Village, Sinola, Vijapur Gopiwala, Doon Vihar, Rajpur, Kishanpur, Kathbangla Naibasti, Kishanpur Canal, Chidowala Kandoli, Salawala, Vijay Colony, DL Raod, Nalapani, Nunarkhera, Kotla Khala, Tarla Aamwala, Neshvilla Road, Dangwal Marg, Chukkuwala, Bakralwala, Karanpur, Rispana ward, Chander Road, Rajesh Rawat Colony, Sanjay Colony, Ramnagar, Lakhibagh, Gandhi Road, Chander Road, 114 Tyagi road, Madrasi colony, 40 Kanwali road and Khurbura Mohalla.
At the following places total Coliform was much more than prescribed limits- Johri village 32, Malsi village 12, Malsi 10, Doon Vihar 18, Rajpur 12, Kisanpur canal 24, Chidowali Kandoli 16, Vijay Colony 22, Salawala 12, DL Road 22, DL Road Nalapani 16, Nunarkhera 14, Kotla Khala Tarla Aamwala 26, Neshvilla Road 16, Dangwal Marg 24, Chukkuwala 16, Bakralwala 18, Karanpur 12, Rispana Ward 40, Chander Road Rajesh Rawat Colony 36, Sanjay Colony 24, Ramnagar Lakhibagh 12, Tilak Road 28, Lakhibagh 18, Bhandari Bagh 32, Pathribagh 16, Vidhya Vihar 24, Saraswati Vihar 16, Ajabpur Kalan 18, Ansari Marg 22, Moti Bazaar 12, Raja Road 28, Gandhi Road 16, Chander Road 14, 114 Tyagi Road 16 , Tyagi road 18.
At the following places, Fecal Coliform was found more than prescribed limits.
Johri Village 16, Malsi Village 2, Doon Vihar 6, Rajpur 2, Kathbangla Nai Basi 8, Kisanpur Canal 14, Chidowali Kandoli 10, Vijay Colony 6, Salawala 12, Vijay Colony 2, DL Raod 14, DL Road Nalapani 8, Kotla Khala Tarla Aamwala 8, Neshvilla Road 8, Dangwal Marg 14, Chukkuwla 10, Bakralwala 6, Karanpur 4, Karanpur 12, Rispana Ward 12, Chander Road Rajesh Rawat Colony 16, Sanjay Colony 10, Ramnagar Lakhibagh 4, Tilak Road 12, Lakhibagh 8, Bhandari Bagh 12, Pathribagh 8, Vidhya Vihar 14, Saraswati Vihar 10, Ajabpur Kalan 6, Ansari Marg 6, Moti Bazaar 4, Raja Road 12, Chander road 4, 114 Brahmapuri 6.
Significantly, the content of hard water was found to be high at Nunarkhera, where it was 252 milligrams per litre. Further, content of hard water was found to be 890 milligram per litre at Johri village. Malsi village was at 830, Malsi 537, Sinola 820, Vijaypur 840, Doon Vihar 565, Rajpur 535, Kishanpur 561, Kathbangla Nai Basti 543, Kisanpur Canal Road 761, DL Road 869, Jhanda Bazaar 523, Madrasi Colony 552, Kanwali Road 550, Brahmapuri 526, Vasundhra Enclave 523, Niranjanpur Mandi 572, Engineers’ Enclave 524, Shimla Bypass 512 and Majari Mafi had content of hard water to the tune of 680 miligrams per litre.
This information was provided by Dr Brij Mohan Sharma, Secretary, SPECS.