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Tourism Minister attends Doli Yatra of Chalda Mahasu Maharaj


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 22 Nov: Tourism, Public Works, Irrigation, Endowment and Culture Minister Satpal Maharaj reached Mohana Dham in Jaunsar Bawar area on Monday and obtained darshan of Chalda Mahasu Maharaj and also participated in the Doli Yatra.
A huge crowd of devotees appeared on Monday at Mohana Dham in Chakrata to have darshan of Chalda Mahasu Maharaj and join his holy Doli Yatra. Minister Satpal Maharaj also participated in this major religious event.
Satpal Maharaj said on the occasion that Mahasu Devta is not only the Ishta Dev of Jaunsar Babar tribal region, but also areas in Himachal Pradesh.
The Deity left Mohana Dham for Samalta.
The Chalda Maharaj had arrived in Mohana village after 36 years on 23 November, 2019. After staying in Mohana for about 2 years, on Monday, the holy doli of Chalda Mahasu Maharaj left for Samalta.
Minister Satpal Maharaj said it was a matter of good fortune for him that he got the opportunity to participate in this religious ritual of the holy Doli Yatra of Chalda Mahasu Maharaj.
Mohana village is the centre of seven ‘khatons’ – Mohana, Dwar, Vishlad, Bondur, Taplad, Atgaon and Bangagaon. It is a religious belief that Chalda Maharaj appeared as soon as the fourth plough line that was planted by the Huna Bhat Brahmin in the field. Chalda Maharaj always stays on tour. He does not stay in one place for a long time, so he is called Chalda Maharaj.
Satpal Maharaj was especially present on the occasion to see off Chalda Mahasu Maharaj along with thousands of local people and devotees.