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Weak Govt unable to prevent illegal activities in resorts: Yashpal Arya


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 6 Oct: Leader of the Opposition Yashpal Arya today alleged that recent incidents in the state had exposed the state government’s poor control over the administration and law and order. He said that Ankita’s case was still making agitating people, when the news surfaced of the rape of a minor girl by a senior officer, AV Premnath, in Almora’s Danda Kanda. Arya said these incidents raised questions about the law and administrative system of the state. He said that, earlier, in Uttarkashi district also a minor girl was raped in the month of September.

Arya claimed that there were many similarities between these three incidents. First, all these heinous crimes had happened in the areas under the revenue police. Second, there had been a delay in registering the case in all these three cases. In all these three cases, the criminal side was influential and powerful. Expressing concern, he said that a large part of the hill districts of Uttarakhand are still under the jurisdiction of the revenue police.

These three criminal incidents had proved that there is an atmosphere of anarchy in these areas, the Congress leader claimed. As soon as the minor girl’s mother came to know about the incident, she had contacted the local Patwari and demanded legal action, but he did not take any action. The reason clearly was that the accused is a powerful officer sitting in a high position.

Later, only after going to the higher authorities, a case was registered in the matter.

The Leader of the Opposition said that the person who encroached on hundreds of drains of the mountains did not desist from misusing the powers of the judiciary and administration for his defence. This Delhi Government officer had been misbehaving and terrorising the local people for some time as he had been running a resort in the name of some foundations. Orders had been issued to demolish his illegally constructed resort in the past, too, but so far no action had actually been taken.

He said the government needs to act strictly against such people who are constructing resorts illegally and exploiting poor and destitute girls.