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Who all visited Vanantara resort on 18 September?

By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 1 Oct: Some witnesses have claimed that on 18 September, the day when she was ultimately murdered, Ankita Bhandari was also assaulted by Pulkit Arya and Ankit Gupta. This witness has released a video where he has claimed that Ankita was repeatedly shouting “Help me help me, get me out of here, I have to go from here ” at the resort on 18 September and that Pulkit Arya and Ankit were pressurising her to provide extra service to four VIP guests. This witness hails from district Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh and was an employee of the Vanantara Resort. This employee has also claimed that he was in the guests’ luggage room on the first floor on 18 September, when he heard someone shouting. When he and another employee looked down towards the ground floor, they heard Ankita shouting for help.
Meanwhile, either Pulkit or Ankit came out and pressed Ankita’s mouth with his hand and took her to the room. Even as this was happening, he and the other employees saw four tall and strong young men standing outside the room and a black coloured luxury car parked outside all this while.
The employee claimed that after meeting Pulkit Arya’s personal assistant Ankit Gupta, the four youths returned in a black car. These were the same four youths for whom Ankita was being allegedly pressurised to provide “additional service”. The employee further claimed that even in the past, Pulkit Arya had molested Ankita under the influence of alcohol.
Meanwhile sources have claimed today that the SIT has managed to identify these four “VIP guests” with the help of CCTV camera footage and surveillance team. The SIT may soon take the four people into custody for questioning. Another source has claimed that one of the youth was a son of an influential leader.
SIT interrogates accused in Ankita Case
By Arun Pratap Singh
Dehradun, 1 Oct: The SIT has constituted five teams to speed up the Ankita murder case. Teams have been given different responsibilities. The remand of the three main accused had been taken by the SIT after the court’s approval on Friday evening. The police custody has been granted by the court till Sunday.
SIT sources claimed that three teams have been assigned to record statements of the accused at different places, while two teams have been assigned the responsibility of recording the statements of the witnesses. The help of STF is being taken to investigate electronic evidence and WhatsApp chats. Meanwhile the police have also recovered a mobile from Rishikesh’s Chila canal. It is not yet clear whose mobile it is. The mobile has been given to the forensic team; after investigation, it will be known whether the mobile belongs to Pulkit, Ankita or someone else.
The witness account is being considered crucial in the case and there is lot of social and political pressure on the SIT as well as on the government to get this case solved at the earliest, and ensure harshest punishment to the guilty due to alleged involvement of BJP leaders from the family of Dr Vinod Arya in the crime.