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Anubhuti Street Play Society supports Pipaltar School


By Our Staff Reporter

Dehradun, 30 Dec: Migration might be a step taken in the hope of progress by the local people belonging to the villages of Uttarakhand, but when seen from a wider aspect, this decision has solely cultivated a path leading to greater desolation for the villages.
Bound by human nature of looking for good in bad and bad in good, apparently the pandemic, Covid-19, helped in throwing light on the rarely discussed privileges of living in villages over living in apartments in metro cities.
Migration in extreme amounts has left these villages helpless and with none or negligible resources. There is a vicious cycle of problems and what one can observe from afar is just the tip of the iceberg. The education of young children is at stake due to the lack of human resource. Taking care of such beautiful valleys and houses is difficult for the little population left there, leading to a barren future. However, alongside the Government, there are different institutions that voluntarily come up to work for bringing back the happiness and life to these villages.
‘Anubhuti’ – The Street Play Society of Janki Devi Memorial College, under Delhi University, in collaboration with ‘Create Room For Artists’ Delhi, has taken an initiative ‘Gaon Bulaye Re: Rural School Redevelopment Drive’ for the development of rural schools. They aim to redevelop and enhance the educational facilities in the Pre and Primary School of Pipaltar village of Pithoragarh district and to give new wings to the village by encouraging the children to study.
The members of the initiative motivated the 42 little children of the Pre and Primary School to go to school through different ways. Under which, arrangements were made to provide them with basic necessities (books, stationery, school bags), hygiene kits, solar lamps, slides and swings, children’s games, and books covering various subjects.
In addition to this, Create Room For Artists, organised a Theatre Workshop, film screening and different performing arts, keeping in mind the cultural and intellectual growth of the children. To motivate the students further, the students with best results were given a scholarship, by Anubhuti. Started from 19 November, 2020, the representatives from the organisation went on site and worked for the initiative.