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Need for holistic healthcare services in India: Dr BKS Sanjay


By Our Staff Reporter
Dehradun, 2 Jul: Health, Education, Nutrition (HEN) are the fundamental needs of any individual but, both, government and society are ignoring these. This has been exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike others, healthcare requires complex services which have many inherent variables. This was stated by Dr BKS Sanjay during a webinar organised on the occasion of National Doctor’s Day at Sanjay Orthopaedic, Spine and Maternity Centre, Jakhan.
Dr Gaurav Sanjay said that democracy has deep roots in the minds of people and, hence, they prefer to get multiple consultations. Most patients and attendants think that a majority vote in favor or against surgery guides them better. But this is usually not true. Many patients indulge in prolonged and excessive use of antibiotics. He emphasised that patient expectation should be rational. If anything goes wrong during treatment in hospital then family, friends and relatives of the deceased person should understand that human beings are not immortal.
Dr BKS Sanjay said that there shouldn’t be any one-upmanship between doctors or any pathies. The goal should be to uplift the healthcare services with an all-out effort including all health care workers of all pathies. All pathies should be complementary to each other.
Being an orthopedic surgeon, he said that family and friends should understand that the result of treatment depends upon the severity of accident, available facility at the hospital, economic status of patient and, of course, the skill of the surgeon. In every case, at least one factor exists, sometimes even more. These facts are never considered by attendants before they take the emotional decision to assault the doctor and vandalise hospital property. This behaviour often gives nightmares to health care workers as well as owners of the hospitals. He appealed to the authorities to check it legally and enforce the law strongly. Otherwise there would be serious problems in providing healthcare services.